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The BOLD listen. 

Because Life is Better with Love & Laughter

Let's Get Frisky

Don’t be limited by the A.B.C.’s of S.E.X.: 

Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas…

Is that all there is!? Heck no! I’ll help you learn all kinds of ways to sprinkle a little extra something into your romance with your partner. Check out my workshops, getaways, parties, and speaking events.

Let's Get Romantic

Finding out what you like doesn’t start with your partner. It starts with you.

One of my favorite things about coaching couples and singles is seeing them understand themselves.  Only then can they start to work on the romance that happens behind closed doors.

Let's Get Away

Everyone deserves a little getaway. Designed for monogamous, committed couples, my getaways will sweep you away from the day-to-day grind of life and give you the gift of time with your partner. Every getaway is different, but every single one will be full of fun and games that will foster a passionate, intimate connection between you and your beloved. 

It’s More Than Just S*x. It’s Love & Laughter.

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it can revive relationships!

Passion and intimacy isn’t just about getting physical. It’s about creating love, trust, and excitement between two people who love each other deeply. It’s about being curious with one another and not being afraid of being vulnerable.

Let’s Laugh Together

I don’t want to talk in hushed tones and use childish words for grown-up conversations. I want to stand up proudly in front of a room of people and openly talk about taboo topics like they are mainstream conversations that happen every day.

If you want taboo to be for you, pop on over to my blog to find out what I’m saying, where I’m going, and what I’m up to.


How Does Beth Help?

I help people in so many ways and each one brings me such joy.

I help women feel more confident about their bodies. I help couples communicate better. I help ladies understand how they can achieve the ‘Big O’. I help men learn how to navigate conversations. I help couples rediscover who they are and learn to love loving each other.

I help couples make happily ever after by allowing them to learn how to have great, passionate fun that has meaning.

That’s how I help people.

“The first time I went in there (Darling Way), I had something in mind for a party.  I ended up coming out of there with a few things extra.  As a “fluffy” woman, its hard going into places and not feeling body shamed but not once did I feel that way.  They helped me feel confident about getting something outside of the box and boy, my hubs was very pleased. “

Darling Way Shopper

A wife had an “aha!” moment and suddenly understood why her husband was constantly feeling rejected even though she never actually said no to him.

One husband learned to recognize the difference between his wife being affectionate and when she was “inviting” intimacy.

A loving couple was able to find ways to connect intimately despite health problems.

A religious couple was finally able to reconcile their faith with their desire to enjoy more exciting intimacy in a way that has exponentially elevated their physical and emotional relationship.

One contentious couple learned how to be vulnerable with each other which significantly improved their relationship in and out of the bedroom.

A shy man learned how to instigate new ways of intimate fun in a way that garners excitement from his equally shy partner instead of fear.

A middle aged woman learned to let her partner know when she was experiencing discomfort during intimacy without disrupting the mood and ending the connection.

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Love & Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun For Everyone is about intimacy — but it’s also about joy, romance, and how a healthier, more playful attitude about your body can revitalize your relationships and enrich your entire life. 


Beth’s Bed Talks are quick 2 to 5 minute videos where I talk about anatomy, relationships, and everything between the sheets! Because it’s not enough to just do it, I want you to LOVE doing it. Pop on over to my channel for a little quality time!


Everyone is thirsty for information about romance and intimacy! My show, Love & Laughter with Beth, first aired on ESPN and showed me that men wanted to know just as much as women. Listen it now to spice up your after dinner plans!

About Beth Liebling

Beth Liebling spent over 15 years helping her clients navigate divorce. Her goal was to make it a more amicable process than the angry eruptions that are so common. But one day she realized she could make a bigger impact by helping couples build exciting, passionate relationships on the foundation of the marriage they already had.

Beth is a national relationship guru and sexpert who has been featured in publications such as Houstonia and Style Caster, hosts her own radio show, and has published a national best seller, and is the owner of Darling Way, a romantic boutique in Houston, TX.

If you are looking to get a little more sizzle in your relationship, she’ll help you learn how to reconnect, rediscover, and reengage with your partner.

What People Say About Beth

“In recent years, I have been so fortunate to crossed paths with 2 completely incredible ladies, one is of course is my Fiancee, and the other is You. You my dear Lady, bring joy to so many by all the things your do daily. Wishing you continual successes and may all your dreams come true!”

Patrick D. on Coaching

“Beth and this book are amazing. It’s great having someone out there to remind us, in loving and knowledgable ways, that s*x isn’t shameful—and in fact, though most people don’t talk about it, it’s central to many of our most important relationships.”

C. DeWan on ‘Love & Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone’

Don’t be shy! If you have love in your life and want even more of it, send me a message and we’ll find the best way to make it happen.