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About Beth

Bringing Love & Laughter to Couples Everywhere

Hi, I’m Beth Liebling. I’m a hopelessly optimistic romantic. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people grow closer throughout their marriage.

My Story

I had a vision of what love and beauty might look like together when treated respectfully and honorably for many, many years.

After 15 years as a divorce lawyer, I wanted to make a different impact. Rather than trying to make the journey of separation an amicable one, I wanted to help couples stay together. I wanted to see love not only survive, but thrive.

To make my vision a reality, I founded Darling Way, a Houston boutique dedicated to making passionate connections in relationships. I am also an author of the national best seller Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone, a radio host, speaker, couples coach and marriage coach, and overall advocate of healthy and exciting love.

I am a relationship guru and sexpert who simply wants to make the world a happier – and more satisfied – place.

My Values & Beliefs

We all deserve to be in a relationship that brings us joy and passion.

Living together is a domestic partnership, but that doesn’t mean it should be all about paying the mortgage and raising the kids. It should be a celebration of love each and every day. When we know and respect each other emotionally and physically, we can build a marriage that rocks the house, not just pays for it!  

To truly love your partner you have to love yourself first.

To be able to love another, we first have to love ourselves. Why? Because if we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect someone else to? Simple acts of self love can help to boost confidence, self-respect, and desire.

Sex shouldn't be an off-limits topic. We need to talk about it.

None of us would be here if it weren’t for sex! It’s an amazing thing that happens between us that for some reason has been branded taboo. But we need to talk about it. We need to be honest about our preferences, our likes and dislikes, and we need to normalize conversations around sex. Because guess what?! Pretty much everyone is doing it, and if they aren’t doing it, they want to do it. So let’s get it out there and start a judgement-free dialogue!

Making Conversation

I’m honest, funny, and polite, but I push the boundaries. Just when you think you know what I’m going to say next, I surprise you with something else. I want people to step outside of their comfort zones and start talking about topics that they want to talk about but don’t know how. I want to equip people with the language and confidence to voice to their desires.

A passionate marriage takes more than just physical intimacy. It requires that we love with our hearts and our bodies.  It takes trust, communication, and love. It takes two people who truly understand what their needs are and aren’t afraid to tell each other. 

I help those conversations happen. Whether I’m coaching a couple, leading a workshop, hosting my radio show, or just talking to you around town, my goal is always the same: help men and women feel confident and comfortable in their sexuality.

Where You Can Find Me

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t busy. When I decided I wanted to make bringing love and laughter to couples my thing, I went all in!

My goal is to make love and laughter accessible to everyone. You can buy it, you can listen to it, you can read it, and you can watch it.  I want everyone to be able to bring more sexy fun into their lives!

Of course, it takes more than just buying, listening, reading, and watching to have more sexy, meaningful fun. You’ve gotta be ready to be honest with yourself and your partner. You’ve gotta be open to learning about each other. And most importantly, you’ve gotta try.

I’m here to help you learn how to try (and sometimes what to try!) so that you can buck the norm and take the initiative to learn a little more about what’s really out there for you and your partner.

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