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Love should be fun, joyful, and deeply rooted. It’s a connection between two people that can wane over time, but with the right help, you can nurture it and find the passion of love in your marriage again.


Love is grand, but sex is… well, we all know what sex is. If you aren’t doing it, you certainly want to be doing it. And if you are doing it, chances are likely you want a little more of it – and in different ways – but don’t know how to stoke the fire for that extra sexy fun.


Love and sex are more than just words. They are feelings. And we all know how much our feelings drive what we do. Intimacy is both a physical and intellectual experience that helps to create a solid foundation in any relationship.

Self Love

The first step to loving another is to know how to love yourself. Be kind, be gentle, be sensuous, and be intentional. Loving yourself is not a one-and-done thing, but rather something you should do on a regular basis. Because if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to?

You didn’t get married just to have someone to eat meals with.

You got married because you love someone and want to build a life together.

Everyone has their own version of what makes a good marriage.

Communication. Trust. Stability.

Those things all matter, but do you want to know what I think stands above the rest?

Intimacy. Love. Laughter.

Building a meaningful life together means that you are connected to each other in a way that no one else can be. And that connection means being committed to knowing each other and exploring with each other. Making sure you’re focused on the fun along with the day-to-day grind.

I work with many different types of people who are all seeking the same thing: to love loving someone else. Sometimes it is to help couples get back on track, steps before they might seek out marriage counselling, and sometimes it is to help a single person learn how to love themselves. Whatever your relationship or intimacy challenge is, let’s see if we can tackle it together.

All you have to do is connect with me.

Who Does My Coaching Help?

Picture-Perfect Family? Or Chaotic Parenting with No Connection?

Raising a family can be a stressful, hectic time that takes its toll on parents. Did you know that over 40% of couples with young children get divorced by the time their kids are 5? That’s a shocking number! Why is this happening? Because it’s easy to get lost in the exhaustion and frustration. It’s easy to stop seeing your partner as the person who once set your heart on fire and instead see them as just another person adding to the laundry pile. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can grasp those few moments a day or a week and remind each other why you fell in love.

Mid-Life Lust? Or Mid-Life Crisis Where You Don't Know Each Other Anymore?

They say 50 is the new 30. You’re youthful, You’re adventurous, and you’re killin’ it in your career. But what about your marriage? Are you just as happy and satisfied in marriage at 50 as you were at 30? Or have you lost touch with each other and don’t even know how to find the road back to each other?

Single and Ready to Mingle? Or Single and Tired of Swiping?

The average American woman gets married at 27, and her male counterpart is 29. So what happens when you creep into your 30s? The dating pool gets smaller and expectations will either drop or become unreasonable. Suddenly you’re tired of swiping right because every person you meet seems to have a different agenda than you. And it’s just so damn hard to keep dating.

Strong & Independent? Or Covering Up That You're Lonely?

You’re proud, strong, and you’re doing it on your own. There ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. Unless it’s all a front. Behind closed doors you break down and cry and can’t stop thinking about the lonely road you are on but just can’t figure out what’s wrong with you and why you’re on it alone. Let me tell you something. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s okay to admit that that you want more than just you, and that you’ve got love to give. You’ve just got to get in touch with yourself to understand who you are and what it is you seek in a partner.

Why Does Beth Care So Much About My Relationship?

I am a hopeless optimist and romantic. I believe that happily ever is possible. I want to live in a world that is full of people who wake up smiling each day.

I spent too many years helping clients end relationships when I was a divorce lawyer. When my own marriage of over 20 years ended, I realized how ridiculous it was that I – the optimistic and romantic woman – should be focusing on the END. I wanted to help couples STAY TOGETHER and keep their love alive.

I want you to never have to think about marriage counselling, affairs, separation, or divorce. I want you to not just be happy in your marriage or partnership, I want you to be intimate with each other and find joy in the love you have.

I want you to have the things that my old clients and I lost and couldn’t get back. That’s why I care so much about your relationship.

How It Works

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Let’s set up a time to talk so that I can understand what challenges you are currently facing. We’ll talk about what’s not going so well, what you want to be different, what you’re unsure of, and what’s going well (because hello! there is always something good there!)


Choose a Coaching Plan

Every person and every relationship is different. That means that not everyone’s coaching needs are the same. I will share with you some coaching options customized to your situation and we will collaborate every step of the way.

Reach Your Goals

No matter what your goals are, I will help you get there. Together, we will explore, understand, and create a plan to help you bring more love and laughter into your life.  Because you never know just how much you need it until you get it!

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