rekindle the flames of desire

Luxury, High-End Couples Camp to Stoke The Fires of Love

Cahoots Couples Camp

Conspire Together to Find The Passion In Your Marriage

Why Should Every Couple Come to Couples Camp? Because Monogamy Doesn’t Mean Monotony.

No matter how well you know your partner, there is always more to learn. Join Beth Liebling for a three day high-end luxury camp in a mansion filled with love, laughter, and happily every after.

Orlando, Florida

October 3-6

Your relationship is the foundation of your family.

Investing in your relationship is the best investment there is.

Intimacy is more than just sex. It is a deep connection that happens on an emotional, intellectual, and physical level. Intimacy takes work, but it can be a fun and adventurous journey that a married couple can continuously explore together.

The Cahoots Couples Camp has been designed to help you conspire with your partner to rediscover what it means to love loving each other.

Rekindle Your Romance

Focus on Your Partnership, Not Your Parenthood

Spark Your Sexy Flame of Desire

Deepen Your Connection With Each Other

Nurture Greater Trust in Each Other

Feel Like a Teenager in Love Again

Create More Love, Affection, and Intimacy

Love the Sex in Your Marriage

Honor Your Partner Emotionally and Physically

Learn to Communicate More Openly - In & Out Of The Bedroom

Make Time for Extra Doses of Sexy Fun and Excitement

What is Couples Camp?

It’s a place where you and your partner can forget about the real world and relax back into the fun-loving couple you were when you fell in love.  In the spirit of an old fashioned summer camp, from the moment you check in until you leave, you will be free of obligation, chores and responsibility.  You’ll be granted the gifts of time, luxurious comfort, ease, and pleasure.  There will be opportunities for you, with or without your partner, to participate in games, workshops, and activities that will be outrageously fun but also meaningful. You’ll learn not only how to communicate more effectively with each other, but also how to better understand what you want to communicate. Without a hint of actual conflict, you’ll experience how to “fight fair”.  There will be safe and easy opportunities to address the big and little issues that have been annoying in the past; in the future you’ll have the ability to laugh about them. Each night when you return to your room, you’ll find a romantic secret surprise to inspire and encourage you to indulge in more intimate forms of love and laughter together in the privacy of your beautiful abode.  Incredibly, without stress or struggle, you’ll feel your connection to your spouse deepening and touching you in ways you may never have dreamed possible.  You might even find yourself grinning like a teenager in love.  There’s no way to describe how such passion can be created so “easily” other than to accept that magical, mysterious, and magnificent things happen when people join together to celebrate and embody love.

Your Camp Director (and Romance Concierge!) Beth Liebling is a respected national Relationship Coach and  Sexpert, who believes that every marriage needs and deserves an abundance of love and laughter. An ex-wife and ex-divorce lawyer, she is passionate about passion.


Relaxing and Romantic Location

This three day adventure is being held at a private Orlando, Florida mansion with a theater,  game room, pool, and hot tub. It’s the perfect destination for the ultimate escape to reconnect with your partner in your marriage.

Relationship + Intimacy Building

Engage with your partner to  learn new ways of  exploring each other’s hearts and bodies. Beth will lead real and honest conversations and sessions about love, life, and everything between the sheets.

Nightly Sexy Surprises Behind Closed Doors

What’s a romantic adventure without a little something-something to finish off your night? Each night Beth will gift you with a little sexy surprise for just you and your partner.

Daily Meals To Tingle Your Tastebuds

Enjoying a delectable meal can be a sensuous experience. A private chef will be creating family style meals for all guests that will excite your taste buds and quench your thirst.

 For Couples Who Have Love and Want More.

This romantic adventure is perfect for couples who have a strong foundation and commitment to their monogamous relationship, but want to create more excitement in it.

You’ll experience 3 days that will help you relax, reconnect, and rejoice in your love. This will be a small but dynamic group and you can expect this unique experience to be life-changing.

Pricing is based on a single couple per room.


Starlight Platinum Room

Stunning room with king sized bed with access to private balcony. En-suite bathroom with double vanity, bath tub, walk-in shower, and marble morning bar.

$4500.00 Per Couple

Moonstruck Premium Room

Spacious room with king sized bed and access to a shared balcony. En-suite bathroom with double vanity, walk-in shower.

$4000 Per Couple

Sunshine Gold Room

Spacious room with king sized bed and access to a shared balcony. En-suite bathroom with double vanity bathtub/shower combo.

$3600 Per Couple

Sizzling Silver Room

Beautifully decorated rooms with king sized beds. En-suite bathroom with double vanity and walk-in shower.

$3300 Per Couple

Bonfire Bronze Room

oGet cozy with your partner in these rooms! Each room has two double beds and an en-suite bathroom with a double vanity and bathtub/shower combination.

Note: one room has it’s own private balcony, and another has access to a shared balcony. First two couples to book double rooms get balconies!

$3000 Per Couple

Beth Liebling is your camp director and romance concierge! Beth is a nationally-respected relationship coach and sexpert who believes that every marriage needs and deserves an abundance of love and laughter. After working for 15 years as a divorce lawyer, Beth wanted to make a different kind of impact. Rather than trying to make the journey of separation an amicable one, she wanted to focus on helping couples thrive in their marriage and stay together. She is the founder of Darling Way, a Houston boutique dedicated to making passionate connections in relationships, author of the national best seller Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone, radio host, speaker, couples coach and marriage coach, and overall advocate of healthy and exciting love. Beth simply wants to make the world a happier – and more satisfied – place. She’s passionate about passion! 

Rachel Hotson will lead us in Partner Yoga. Rachel inspires all to be the best they can be within themselves and knows that movement is a quality that truly makes us all shine brightly.  She has been leading workshops and teaching yoga for 20 years. She is a Master Massage Therapist, Neuro Linguistics Practitioner, and has dabbled in Hypnotherapy. Her classes are stirred with passion and naturally unleash joy, confidence, strength, and creativity!  Her path and impulse is to guide women to turn on their sexy, soulful, feminine essence, to find freedom and full self expression and to support their partners to hold space for them to shine.

What They Say About Beth Liebling

“This was so great, thank you. Your talk has opened up a subject that is so taboo. I’d like to see more discussions happening out in the open.” 

“Beth is fantastic.”

“A fabulous speaker-real, honest, funny, fun.”

“It was so open and non-judgemental”

-Female Attendees of Workshop

“In recent years, I have been so fortunate to crossed paths with 2 completely incredible ladies, one is of course is my Fiancee, and the other is You. You my dear Lady, bring joy to so many by all the things your do daily. Wishing you continual successes and may all your dreams come true!”

-Patrick D. 

“Beth’s workshops have been instrumental in the love life of my marriage. She has helped us open up verbally and emotionally as well as sexually, and has been a joy to speak with in and out of the workshops. The amount of thought and care that she puts into her sessions, in addition Darling Way, are indicative of the passion that she has for relationships and trying to help couples love each other. ”


Don’t Let Your Marriage Wait Any Longer. Apply For Your Room at The Cahoots Couples Camp. 

Send me your details and I will follow up with you directly to provide more information about The Cahoots Couples Camp, the destination, and how this getaway can help you rediscover what you love so much about your partner.