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Finding out what you like doesn’t start with your partner. It starts with you.

Events with Beth


Check out one of Beth’s sex education workshops for an experience you won’t forget! Whether it’s a girls night out or a sexy anniversary celebration, a workshop is always fun and exciting!


Rekindle the flames of desire! Beth’s getaways are designed to help you reconnect with your partner in ways to help your marriage thrive. A mix of coordinated workshops, activities, and relaxing time for you and partner, take a break from reality and just enjoy life with the one you love.


Add a little sizzle to your party! From Bachelorettes to Bridal Showers, from Girls Nights to Women’s Networking Events, Beth can add a little extra to your party that will keep people talking & laughing.

Speaking Engagements

It’s not all just fun and games. While Beth always brings her charming and humorous self with her, she can also help your audience have some serious realizations about how their interpretations on love and romance can impact their whole lives.

Workshops with Beth

When Beth talks, you never know what she’s going to say next! But, you know it’s going to be good. Beth’s workshops have been met with rave reviews from men and women of all ages, as she helps to bring taboo topics into mainstream conversation.

No matter the topic, you’re going to hear laughs, gasps, and many an “a-ha!” moment as attendees make the connection between themselves and what Beth says.

Workshops can be delivered at Darling Way or at your preferred location. Here are some of her most popular workshops.

Swipe Right? Navigating Online Dating Workshop

His & Her Oral: The Power of Pleasing Workshop

Oral 101 Workshop: How To Blow His Mind While Loving His Body

“Say it Sexy and Make it Naughty!"

Intro to Power Play

BDSM for Nice People

Keeping Pleasure and Passion despite Parenting

Retreats & Vacations

If you’ve been on 17 family trips but 0 romantic getways with your partner, it’s time to shake things up!

Investing in your relationship is the best investment you can make.

Pack your bags for getaway that is designed to help you reconnect and rediscover your partner. You’ll laugh, you’ll play, you’ll relax, but most importantly, you’ll learn what it means to love loving your partner.

Beth’s exclusive retreats and vacations are playfully planned to help carry you away from the day-to-day. Want to know more about what happens? Contact Beth and ask!

Parties with Beth

It’s not a party until you’re having fun! And let me tell you, I bring the fun! I can bring the party to you, or you can come on over to me at Darling Way.

Parties with Beth can range from a little extra something to the party you’re planning all the way to being the main focus. It’s your party, so we’ll plan it the way you want it!

Parties do require a minimum of 10 guests and are scheduled based on availability 

Bachelorette Parties

Bridal Showers

Networking Events

Girls Night Out

Divorce Parties

Speaking Engagements

I’m passionate about passion. And passion goes way beyond the bedroom – it works it’s way into our everyday lives. What happens at home behind closed doors impacts how we perform at work, in our social lives, and within our communities. If you’re frustrated or bored at home, don’t you think those feelings are going to show up somewhere else?

I love speaking to groups about all kinds of topics that connect to passion, love, and laughter. Corporate groups, community groups, conferences, retreats, networking events, and just about anywhere that you’ve got a group of people who could benefit from bringing more love and laughter into their lives.

I’d love to chat with you about your next event and share how I can help make it one that your group will keep talking about for years to come!


What Can Beth Talk About?

You might be surprised to learn about the groups that I have presented to. It’s not just all bachelorettes or married couples sitting in circles. This year I’m so excited to be partnering up with the Jewish community for a series call ‘You Can Be Spiritual and Sexy.’ Why did a Rabbi reach out to me? Because he saw the need to help couples stay connected with each other and nurture their love, and he saw that I could help to deliver an educational and engaging series that would speak to his community. The goal isn’t to make a religious group uncomfortable with talk about sex; instead it’s to help individuals learn to love their partner more and invest in their relationships for happier outcomes.

Topics included in the series:

  • Sex, Sukkot, and Serendipity
  • Keeping Marriage Sexy: Maintaining Passion Through Chaos and Hard Times
  • Erotica, Porn, and Personal Intimacy
  • Aging with Intimacy

What People Say About Beth

“Beth’s workshops have been instrumental in the love life of my marriage. She has helped us open up verbally and emotionally as well as sexually, and has been a joy to speak with in and out of the workshops. The amount of thought and care that she puts into her sessions, in addition Darling Way, are indicative of the passion that she has for relationships and trying to help couples love each other. ”

~ K.D. 

“Beth has a way of presenting some very informative information in a very relaxed and fun setting. I cannot wait to take more of her sex-ed classes!” 

~ Oral 101 attendee

“I  would describe Beth Liebling as an invaluable resource to my show Isiah Factor Uncensored… She is lively, personable,  and super compelling on the air. She’s never at a loss for words and provides the energy that keeps a talk show interesting. Beth also walks through the door with the information and insight the viewers are looking for each night. She is great…”  

~ Isiah Carey

Let’s connect! I’d love to learn how I can add a little something extra to your next event.