Awakening Passion, Pleasure, & Prosperity



Awakening Passion, Pleasure, & Prosperity

( 4-week Online Live Workshop)

Do you want to:

▪︎Infuse your personal and professional life with more energy, excitement, and joy? 

▪︎Grow more confident and in tune with your mind, heart, and body?

▪︎Guarantee your personal and professional desires are not only sparked, but satisfied?

You deserve to get the maximum passion, pleasure, and prosperity possible!

The good news is, you can make it happen!

Register NOW to join Beth for this four-week live interactive online course to awaken the passion, pleasure, and prosperity that is waiting to be yours!

Sometimes we don’t even know what questions to ask, because we don’t know what we don’t know! Frustrating, right!? As women, we receive mixed signals about what’s “appropriate,” and we walk a tightrope as we balance being ambitious but not aggressive, or sexy without being “slutty.” No wonder most of us are stressed and confused and less than our best selves!


Until now.

This interactive workshop is the chance for you to ask all the questions you’ve been too afraid to ask and get honest, respectful answers. With “homework” and activities, you’ll be equipped with a brand new mindset as well skills and strategies to be the truly powerful, passionate, pleasured, and prosperous self that you were born to be!

You’ll learn:

▪︎How to overcome low libido or lack of desire/interest/energy/passion

▪︎How to rid yourself of guilt, resentment, and obligation in your love life 

▪︎How to heal past traumas and discover blocks against passion, pleasure, and prosperity in your life

▪︎How to use passion props and techniques that increase romantic excitement and enhance pleasure

▪︎How to receive and give pleasure wholeheartedly

▪︎Why being pleasured is a must for a woman’s divine journey 

▪︎Why you’re only as good in the boardroom as you are in the bedroom

▪︎And more!


Week 1 (January 28th): Quitting the Shame Game

Week 2 (February 4th): Love…You First 

Week 3 (February 11th): Unboxing Passion Props

Week 4 (February 18th): The Art of Receiving 

Each video workshop will be live via Zoom on Tuesdays from 7:00PM to 8:30PM (Central Time) with an optional 30 min Q&A afterwards.

All for only $288! (with a money back guarantee!*)

Because I really want to help you get the most out of 2020 and I want to make it easy for you to make this decision … I’m offering you a BIG reward for taking action and helping yourself…

Pay ONLY $198 if you register before 1/10/20 and use promo code “SUPER early bird”

And it’s only $248 if you register before 1/21/20 and use promo code “Early bird”!

*attend the first session and if you aren’t thrilled, email within 5 days and I will refund your money promptly.